The moment of truth is getting close with launch on January 31st


On January 31, 2019, inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi will hold an online presentation on the commercial launch of his heating device, the E-Cat. Thereby, the moment of truth is approaching for the carbon free, clean, abundant, cheap, and compact energy source that could potentially replace coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, and also solve the global climate crisis.

From the left: Prof. Sven Kullander, Ass. Prof. Hanno Essén, and Andrea Rossi, at an early meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, on February 24, 2011 (foto: Mats Lewan).

Since I started reporting on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology in 2011, he always told me that his main goal, and the only thing that would convince people about the controversial physical phenomenon it was built on, would be to put a working product on the market.

Now, eight years later, after events taking unexpected and amazing turns which I told in my book An…

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