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Kilde: Propulsore magneto-plasma pr stråle stratosferici


The NRA’s Fraud: Fabrication of Second Amendment Rights


2nd amendmentYes; BarryOnEnergy serves as a reflection of today’s energy situation in our global community and not necessarily a site for political discussions. However, the topic of Energy, its source and consumption, turns out to be as political as it is scientific and empirical.

In this respect, there comes a time when BarryOnEnergy has to present issues that are at the epicenter of current debates. On such item is “gun violence in America.”

This article, The NRA’s Fraud: Fabrication of Second Amendment Rights, by Burton Newman, Attorney; Adjunct professor, Washington University School of Law, published by Huffington Post, is posted in its entirety. It was chosen as a credible source of information that gets to the heart of the matter in a fair, impartial, and factual way. Most likely this piece will not change anyone’s position. Yet, to fix a problem, ultimately we need to deal in facts rather than anecdotes.

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